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Linda Shayne Writer-Director Film & TV

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Linda Shayne graduated from UC Berkeley, worked in mental hospitals and published articles about San Quentin ex-offenders, before she became a writer and director in film and TV. Shayne has written movies for IMAGINE, SHOWTIME and DISNEY and directed for PARAMOUNT, NICKELODEON and WARNER BROS. Shayne directed a DOCU on a Thai media mogul & adapted WW2 spy book.
American/Canadian, dual citizen, Linda Shayne created a dramedy TV series for QUINCY JONES and QDE, two animated TV series for WARNER BROS. and in 2022 Shayne created a dramedy TV series to film in Asia. Shayne is an award-winning writer, director. Shayne won a Best Feature Screenplay award for her newest crime thriller at the FLORENCE FILM AWARDS in 2022, and she won Best Thriller award at HRIFF 2022, a Best Director award at the FREEDOM FESTIVAL in 2019 as well as a Top 10 Feature Screenplay Finalist at CINEQUEST 2020. Shayne developed a dramatic film for MUSE ENT. of Montreal and X-FILME of Germany and she wrote a romantic comedy for PATRIOT ENTERTAINMENT of Los Angeles.

Shayne first directed a film starring Ned Beatty, Neil Patrick Harris, Thora Birch and Shelley Winters. PURPLE PEOPLE EATER garnered actress Thora Birch a Youth in Film Award. Shayne also directed UNDERCOVER KID release by WARNER BROS. and aired on HBO Family and she directed LITTLE GHOST for KUSHNER-LOCKE, released by PARAMOUNT. Shayne won a TELLY AWARD for her writing on the HARD HAT HARRY kids’ series and she recently wrote a children’s book that was illustrated by Emmy Award winning animator, Art Leonardi. Shayne wrote the English translation of Dord Krstic’s non-fiction book: “Mileva and Albert Einstein: Their Love and Scientific Collaboration” sold at the Einstein Museum House in Switzerland.

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